Work Culture

Founded on August 17th 1984, VIMTA is an equal opportunity employer. We at VIMTA offer equal employment opportunities without any bias. The selections are based solely on the match between the requirements and individual applicant's education, experience, knowledge, skills, capabilities and competence.

VIMTA is an excellent path for bright, hard-working people who value teamwork, integrity, and continued growth. We believe merit always promotes excellence and seniority tends to reward loyalty, merit-based promotions are favoured which focus on employee qualifications and performance while those based on seniority stress greater job security, protection and ingenuity from arbitrary treatment.

Employees at VIMTA may change roles and responsibilities during their tenure within the organization. Long-term welfare of our employees is ensured by fair renumeration, good benefits, personal wellness incentives with a strong emphasis on safety.

In addition we bring a balance between personal and professional lives while educating, inspiring and motivating our employees. As leitmotif, we have programs such as Relax hours, Annual outings and Annual day celebrations. VIMTA regularly runs guest lectures with Guest speakers featuring high-profile individuals from the professional and business world. Informative, industry specific and even motivational, these lectures are a great way to break up the work week.

Anti-Harassment Policy:

VIMTA strives to provide a work environment that is pleasant, healthy, comfortable and free from intimidation, hostility, or other offenses that might have potential conflicts to work performance. Harassment of any sort (verbal, physical, visual etc.) are not tolerated.

VIMTA has an anti-harassment policy. Harassment may be sexual or racial or be related to disability, age, caste or religion, and is prohibited by the Company. Headed by a woman employee, a committee is incorporated for prevention of sexual harassment.

HR Services:

Induction is regarded as the first step to build a two-way relationship between VIMTA and it’s employee. VIMTA recognizes the significance of providing a timely and effective induction for all it’s new staff to ensure effective integration into the organization, the department and the role. They are introduced to / trained on Organization's activities, vision, history, objectives and core value; VIMTA's Quality Policy, HR systems, Management System and safety procedures. They are well informed on their roles and responsibilities; oriented to the facility; introduced to key people in the organization and their controlling officer with on-job training, a 90 days program . Training for employees are conducted periodically to build / strengthen the Organizational Capabilities.

Other HR Services include:

  • Employee safety
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee learning
  • Employee Career enhancement.
  • Employee Payroll.