Environmental Services

The Environment division of Vimta has been in the forefront of industrial sustainability and has taken a leading role in guiding and assisting various industries in their sustainable development.

The division offers consulting service in the field of Environmental Consulting and Environment Chemistry. With its multi-discplinary expertise coupled with our state-of the-art analytical equipment, Vimta offer a wide spectrum of environmental services. For over 25 years, this division has achieved a formidable reputation as an industry leader, a champion of both industry and environment, and a provider high-quality environmental service in India and abroad.


Environment essentially being a multi-disciplinary science, the range of services offered by the Division are also comprehensive and caters to the needs of industry, pollution control agencies, regulatory authorities and in a larger pursuit of a green globe. The services under Environmental Assessments include:

  • ✓ Site Selection and Liability Studies.
  • ✓ Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • ✓ Environment Management Plans.
  • ✓ Carrying Capacity based Regional Studies.
  • ✓ Environmental Audits.
  • ✓ Solid (Industrial/Municipal) and Hazardous Waste Management.
  • ✓ Risk Assessments (MCA, HAZON, HAZOP) and Disaster Management Plans.
  • ✓ Environmental Baseline Monitoring for Air, Meteorology, Water, Soil, Noise, Ecology. Socio-Economic and Demography etc.
  • ✓ Industrial Emission Source Monitoring.
  • ✓ Offshore Sampling and Analysis of Marine Water and Sediments.
  • ✓ Marine Ecological Studies.
  • ✓ Marine Impact Assessment.
  • ✓ Rehabilitation and Resettlement Studies.
  • ✓ Forestry and Ecological Studies.
  • ✓ Geo-Technical Studies.
  • ✓ Geological and Hydro-geological Studies;
  • ✓ Land Use/ Land Cover Studies based on remote Sensing.
  • ✓ Socio-Economic Studies.
  • ✓ Due Diligence Studies.
  • ✓ Epidemiological Studies.
  • ✓ Wasteland Management Studies, and
  • ✓ Study on Bio-indicators.
  • Analysis of Water, Wastewater, Soil, Solid Waste, Hazardous waste as per Indian and International Codes.

  • Source Emissions and Work Zone Air/Noise quality monitoring.

  • Analysis of SVOCs, VOCs, PAH, BTEX, AOX, PCB's, TCLP metals, TOC etc.

  • Categorization of Hazardous Waste, and

  • Pesticide Residue Analysis.