Franchisee Setup  

Quite obviously, the VIMTA Brand is now synonymous with Quality.

VIMTA envisions itself as the Indian organization with a global perspective that has created an integrated quality-driven, customer sensitive, testing and validation centre which is the most comprehensive of its kind across the globe.

Continuously striving to improve the quality of mankind, we are now spreading across the country in order to reach our quality services to a broader spectrum of customers.

A simple strategy, based on sound business principles, has led to this direction:

  • Affordable Prices
  • Compressed Time Frame
  • Easy Access.
Innovation has always been a way of life at VIMTA, and it is this spirit that now lends its effort at establishing franchisees across the country.

VIMTA services through Franchisees

Fixed time fastrack service for testing routine materials broadly classified under :

  • Water
  • Effluents
  • Soil
  • Named metals and alloys
  • Named ores
  • Fuels
  • Lubricant oils
  • Edible oils
  • Foods & feeds to be detailed
  • Cement
  • Common building materials such as aluminium sections, steel, aggregate, wood, tiles, pipes
  • Clinical Pathology

    Prices : Power pricing
Industry standard turnaround time service for non-routine materials :
  • Unlabelled / unnamed materials
  • Adulterations
  • Failure investigations
  • Trouble shooting
  • Items not figuring in fastrack

    Prices : Niche market standard
Reporting of results

  • Through courier
  • Web enabled printing at franchisee point in case of urgency
  • Original + one copy
Features of franchisee setup

  • Exclusive for VIMTA LABS LTD.
  • Exclusive for routine testing and analytical services.
  • 200 sq.ft. office space in a prime location with road front, conspicuous and smart appearance.
  • Uniform design as prescribed by VIMTA LABS LTD.
  • Essential equipment : A Personal Computer - Pentium based, printer, telephone and internet connection, 1 KVA UPS.
  • Desirable equipment: Regrigirator for sample preservation.
  • Furniture: Work table for computer and office work, a back bench for sample packing, guest chairs 2 Nos. minimum, steel almirah size 4' x 21/2' minimum.
  • Franchise display board size approx. 10' x 2'. Colour scheme and other specifications as per VIMTA LABS LTD.
  • Shall be manned by VIMTA trained person(Franchisee) from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM on all working days.
  • Insurance coverage for the equipment, furniture and belongings.
  • All costs for maintaining the franchisee.

Franchisee benefits

Trade commission on testing assignments : % of sales basis and incentive oriented :

Sales (Rs. lakhs) %
Upto 1.0 12
1 to 2.0 12.5
2 to 3.0 13.0
3 to 4.0 13.5
4 to 5.0 14.0
5 to 6.0 14.5
> 6 15.0 max

payable by VIMTA LABS LTD. on monthly basis on or before 10th of succeeding month.

Geographical territories - absent
Price of service (testing fee) - fixed and uniform for all franchisees. Volume discounts permitted as per price list.
Business information access through data base installed on franchisee PC, hard copy, VIMTA website, VIMTA call centre.

Access for technical support to make deals with customers.

Pleasant surprises for future in terms of more opportunities in quality related areas.

Investment required by Franchisee

Towards equipment and furniture listed in Features of franchisee setup page.
Trade deposit minimum of Rs.50,000 carrying simple interest @ 8% p.a.. Concession to unemployed graduates: the deposit will taken in two installments i.e., Rs.25,000 on selection and balance as per sales progress.

Responsibilities of Franchisee

  • To provide requisite information to the customer, understand the assignments, register the job and maintain custody of samples till dispatch to Laboratory.
  • To bill and collect on behalf of VIMTA LABS LTD.
  • To maintain integrity of samples submitted by customers
  • To maintain safe custody of test reports, and stationery provided by VIMTA
  • To make e- enabled reports
  • To maintain computer loaded with VIMTA software
VIMTA support to Franchisees
  • Initial training and retraining to the franchisee representative
  • Sample pick up through courier
  • Report delivery - through courier / web
  • Technical support through consultation from Central Laboratory and or meeting with customer in special and deserving circumstances
  • Supply of packing materials for sample transmission to VIMTA
  • Minimum guarantee commission for first three months @ Rs. 5000 per month as a part of sales commission.
General terms of the agreement (extract)

  • To work exclusively for VIMTA testing and analytical services
  • Responsible for collection of samples and payment from customers
  • To maintain necessary records
  • To maintain absolute confidentiality
  • Not to misuse brand image & name of VIMTA and its Test Reports
  • To maintain good customer relationship
  • To maintain integrity
  • To adhere to all state and central laws as may be applicable
  • To adhere to the systems, rules, procedures of VIMTA franchise operations

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