In June 2000, the company embraced a new management philosophy. It was accepted that if VIMTA could make its people realize a sense of purpose, a sense of humour and add more sunshine and cheer to their lives, then it would directly affect the productivity of each individual associate. And that's why VIMTA embraced the BONZERTMs Program. This Program gets the associates involved in activities that they would not dream of doing during the course of a regular business day. There is a lot of learning in these sessions, which happen even as fun is maintained as the leitmotif. In addition, these sessions are aimed at bringing down barriers __ personal and professional __ between the associates and the management and the associates themselves.

In order to bring about a sharing of the corporate vision, the VISION FESTIVAL was conceived. The idea was to bring all the associates onto a common platform and afford them more clarity to see and believe in the vision of the company. This would be enhanced through an atmosphere of fun and learning, where the associates would be encouraged to compete with each other in the truest spirit of competition. In seeking to take the organization's vision and mission to the lowest rungs, the Vision Festival draws the associates from across all departments into fierce competition with each other, in turn churning up a quality movement in the organization from the bottom-up.